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Welcome Home

Welcome Home

What is a Home?
Home is where we watch as our children take their first steps. It is where we  grab our favorite a snack and curl up on the sofa to watch our favorite show. Home is where we brace ourselves as we receive life changing news, both good and bad. 
Our homes are a refuge in a world that is ever changing. It is where we laugh, we cry, dance, mourn, relax, ponder, and dream.  Here at the Covington Housing Authority we consider it an honor to provide such an important place for you and your family. 

Our mission is to provide quality housing in safe, well-maintained, energy efficient communities.


To be the leading provider of quality housing in Newton County, partnering with our community to break the cycle of poverty.

1. Be the #1 provider of quality rental housing in Newton County.
2. Top the list for the safest places to live in Newton County. 
3. Ensure that all of our properties are well-maintained and energy efficient.
4. Have residents and the surrounding community to view living in our communities as an opportunity.
5. Form partnerships that facilitate the health and success of our residents at home, work and school.


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